Video: ZapLabs 2018 summer interns

Mindless tasks and coffee runs are about as far away from reality as possible for ZapLabs interns. Our 20 interns worked on real projects and products that our end users use to build their real estate business. Working in cross-functional pods, they had the unique opportunity to dig in and collaborate with teammates across the company.

Watch this video recap to hear about their efforts and what they learned!


Interns adapt fast with ZapTap

Last June, Sang Saephan and Glo Tran joined ZapLabs as interns for the mobile development team. Over the course of ten weeks, they learned to navigate the codebase, manage their workflow, and work across teams. Sang and Glo quickly adapted to the culture and tempo at ZapLabs, and even implemented a new product feature, called ZapTap.

Finding easy solutions to tough problems: a chat with Ashley Salazar

I’ll be honest: Ashley Salazar can be intimidating. When I first interviewed at ZapLabs, Ashley was one of the many employees I met with that day. As soon as she walked in the room, I knew I was going to have a tough time impressing her. This was her terrain, and it was clear that she held very high standards for the people and company she worked for.

Paving the way for women in tech: a chat with Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones is a data scientist. Because predicting behavior is a huge part of her job, she came to her interview extremely prepared. “This is what happens when you interview an introvert,” she said, opening a notebook to reveal pages filled with her well-thought out answers. We managed to break away from her notes to talk about her role at ZapLabs, her love for nature, and the many opportunities—and challenges—women face in this industry today.

How long have you been with the company?

“Two years!”

Bringing it all together: A conversation with Jake Lyman

Here at ZapLabs, everyone brings a little something different to the team—and Jake Lyman, ZapLabs’ Chief Product Operations Officer, helps bring all of those different ingredients together.

When we stepped into Jake’s office to interview him, he had next to nothing on his desk—and a little bit of everything on his wall. “I like to keep a clutter-free workspace,” he said, “so I put everything on the wall.”

From a limited edition Star Wars poster to name badges from countless real estate conferences, Jake’s got a lot to display—and he’s had time to accumulate some décor.

Designing the future of Zap: a chat with Charles Solla

Charles Solla is all about adaptability. As ZapLabs’ Director of Product Design, he understands the importance of collaboration and growth—and embracing the changes along the way. 

How long have you been with the company?

“On May 24th, it was 14 years!”

Tell me a bit about what you do here.

“I am the Director of Product Design. I oversee our business and consumer products and make sure we have the best user experience for all brokers, agents, and consumers.”

Moving it forward: Dan Ralls on what it takes to be a great blogger

For ZapLabs legal counsel, Dan Ralls, a good understanding of people and how they work is essential for his job—and he brings that to the table when it comes to his legal work. But it's also a quality that’s indispensable for his writing—and one that any content creator, whether they're focused on humor, advice, or even real estate, can employ. 

How long have you been with the company?

“I’ve been with the company for 3.5 years.” Dan’s a lawyer here at ZapLabs, responsible for overseeing all legal aspects of the company.