For over 85 years, Coldwell Banker Caine has embraced an underlying philosophy in their real estate business: provide exceptional service to their agents, their clients, and the community. For agents, the high level of in-house support means they can focus on going above and beyond for their clients. Caine’s company-wide investment in agent education and training, early adoption of new technology and focus on digital and mobile platforms are just a few hallmarks of this innovative company.

But this South Carolina-based brokerage also has a secret marketing weapon: its spaces. Caine’s seven offices are optimized to connect with the local community and expand their agents’ sphere of influence (SOI). In the real estate industry, a strong sphere is critically important for an agent’s success.

Coldwell Banker Caine’s Spartanburg office showcases an airy, inviting lobby.

Coldwell Banker Caine’s offices in Greenville and Spartanburg are where their support, marketing and administration staff work. This is where sales meetings take place and where agents can have a dedicated office if desired. Additionally, four real estate galleries spread throughout the Upstate between Greenville and Spartanburg have high visibility to the consumer while also focusing on providing flexible office spaces for agents to excel in the industry while on the go.

“Real estate is not a regular desk job, so why should our agents be tied to a regular office? We pioneered the concept of real estate galleries to give our agents a leg up in this fast-moving industry,” says Stephen Edgerton, President and CEO of Coldwell Banker Caine.

The focus on convenience has not caused sacrifice to design. Every office has been completely renovated within the last seven years, making the sleek, modern spaces a cut above a typical workspace. Walk into an office or gallery, and you’ll see digital signage for internal announcements (celebrating birthdays or welcoming guests), and external communications featuring listings, events, and philanthropic efforts. The Greenville and Spartanburg offices even have a fleet of Caine-branded cruiser bikes that agents and visitors can use to ride to lunch or nearby meetings.

“We consider our spaces to be a part of our marketing strategy,” says Marisa Stephens, Digital Strategist for Coldwell Banker Caine, “From the moment you walk into an office or gallery, it is obvious we’re different.”

All of these spaces go beyond working hours to function as event venues. Yes, you read that correctly – event venues! Caine offers their spacious meeting rooms free of charge to non-profit and community organizations that may not have a large enough space of their own to meet or gather in.

The spaces host a diverse range of functions throughout the year, which is music to Edgerton’s ears. “Our spaces offer a unique experience – we are glad to share that experience with others in a way that allows us to further connect with the community,” he says. On any given evening, you may see parents celebrating the high school baseball team’s season; a local church hosting its board meeting, or a statewide company meeting for a mortgage firm. This year alone, the spaces have been visited by over 2,400 people for local events.

Coldwell Banker Caine’s Pelham Road real estate gallery

Caine’s focus on the community is furthered by their emphasis on supporting the arts. Their quarterly artist receptions allow local creators to showcase their work in the Greenville Main Street gallery or Spartanburg office, with a new artist rotating in every quarter. “Our art changes frequently, so people are drawn to stop by and see it,” says Executive Vice President of Sales and Broker in Charge, Amanda Jones. “This gives us the opportunity to bring in a new community and develop our agents’ SOI.”

The Main Street gallery gets over 400 walk-ins per year; the newer Spartanburg office saw over 300 visitors alone on their recent grand opening. For Coldwell Banker Caine’s agents—who use the entire network of offices as part of their “mobile office plan”—the opportunity to grow and build upon their existing SOI is unparalleled.

Real estate galleries offer agents a unique opportunity to connect with the local community and build SOI.

Using their “home” as a powerful tool in their marketing arsenal, Coldwell Banker Caine is building community while helping drive agent connections and productivity, making a true name for themselves when it comes to innovative real estate marketing.

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